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BitsBytes and STEM

BitsBytes and STEM is a global online platform, connecting students and instructors around the globe. Our platform has a various courses from most demanded facets such as software develepoment, web development, cyber security and high/ordinary school classes.  If you are interested in joining our community please get in touch with our team for more information.

How to take a course

BitsBytes and STEM  has various courses you may be interested in. Browse our course dirctory and choose a course of your choice.

We have professional instructors ready to support you during the course. Our couses are delivered in the form of videos, document, audio and Zoom sessions.

How to register as student

Subscribe as a student in order to enroll for a course. A student can access free courses and free partial course units depends with the course.

Follow the link below to get started with your registration

How to become an instructor

To become an instructor you be offering a valuable course which goes through the approval process BBS representatives before the courses goes live.

When your course get approved, students will be able to enroll and start taking courses and you start earning commission for course sold via our website.

Get started as an instructor today. 

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